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Preparing for CNY

New bedsheets!

Had black sesame with rice dumplings at the famous dessert shop along Liang Seah St yesterday. Eyes/nipples on the dumplings courtesy of JJ.

Navy Blue or Prussian Blue?

Never could understand why people have work day blues until today. Totally blue day for me. Gonna go date Jackie Chan tonight and run like there's no tomorrow.

Tuesday Blues

Spilt coffee down the front of my pants this morning, dirtied my chair and pants. Fortunately, I did not scald myself and I was wearing coffee colored pants. I also brought a change of clothes for after gym. I didn't want to bring them initially, but grabbed them as I was rushing off for work this morning. So now I look like a news caster, formally dressed on top, but wearing shorts on the bottom.

I also just sent out a kuku email without consulting my boss and/or team mate and kenna bua. Ultimate Tuesday blues man.

Michelle's Wedding

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